Golden Retriever Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Updated November 14, 2022
Golden Retriever Jack Russell Terrier Mix

The golden retriever Jack Russell terrier mix goes under different names – Golden Jack, Golden Jack Russel, or Golden Jack Retriever.

Regardless of the name, the Jack Russell golden retriever mix is an energetic, playful dog with a big personality in a small body.

Both parent breeds have hunting heritage, so they share some personality traits that are also present in their cross. The most prominent Golden Jack Russel temperament traits are intelligence, exuberance, and loyalty.

However, this cross is a bit unpredictable because the parent breeds also have crucial distinctions. For this reason, interacting with a puppy before taking it home is vital.

Note that the Golden Jack isn’t a low-maintenance dog. These dogs need plenty of physical activity, strict training, and regular grooming to be well-behaved and healthy.


The Jack Russell terrier golden retriever cross appearance is a complete lottery because puppies can take after either of the parents, and even littermates can look very different.

Typically, the Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix ranges from 17 to 22 inches and weighs 30-45 pounds.

Females tend to be shorter than males, but there’s also a possibility that a female puppy will take the height after a golden retriever and a male after Jack Russel.

Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix coat length differs – it can be either short or medium, straight or slightly wavy. The golden retriever Jack Russell terrier colors include gold, white, black, brown, grey, and combinations.

Puppies may have either drop ears or Jack Russel terrier’s signature small, carried forward ears. All Jack Russell terrier golden retriever cross puppies have long snouts with black noses and round dark eyes.


The Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix personality is unpredictable because the parent breeds are very different. However, they have some traits in common they are guaranteed to pass on to their puppies.

Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix is a playful, outgoing dog with a big personality. They are courageous, curious, and will pursue delights with no limits.

Jack Russell terrier golden retriever cross is friendly with strangers and affectionate with family.

However, some Golden Jacks may be aloof with other animals, including other dogs and cats, because Jack Russell terriers don’t tolerate other pets.

Jack Russell terriers were bred to chase vermin, so they have a strong prey drive and may perceive smaller pets as prey.

On the other hand, golden retrievers want to be friends with everyone, so Golden Jacks can live in multi-pet households if socialized properly.

Overall, Golden Jack Russel makes a wonderful family dog, but it may be too exuberant for young kids.

Intelligence & Trainability

Canine researcher Stanley Coren, who studied the working intelligence of 138 dog breeds, concluded that golden retrievers rank fourth and Jack Russell terriers 84. So, goldens excel in intelligence, and Jack Russell terriers are below-average smart.

However, it isn’t that simple. Jack Russell terriers are in no way dumb – they have a good memory, can resolve complex tasks, and effectively communicate with owners. The problem with this breed is its stubbornness, which hinders training.

As a result, a Golden Jack Russel may or may not be obedient, but it will certainly be bright. Training the Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix may require patience and discipline, but a Golden Jack will grow into a well-behaved dog with some effort.

Because of its intelligence, a Golden Jack Russel is a perfect service and hunting dog. However, it isn’t big enough to assist people with mobility issues or hunt large animals.

Golden Jacks can also serve as guard dogs – although medium-sized, they can alert bark when necessary.


Crossbreeds are generally healthier than purebred dogs, but you should be aware of health problems that could affect a Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix.

Both parent breeds are susceptible to eye problems, including cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and glaucoma. These conditions cannot be predicted or prevented.

Goldens and Jack Russell terriers are also prone to obesity and related conditions, so owners must give their dogs sufficient exercise and be mindful of their calorie intake. Obese Jack Russels may suffer from patellar luxation.

Both parent breeds are at high risk of hip and elbow dysplasia, causing joints to develop incorrectly. To prevent the development of this condition, owners should not exercise their puppies too much until their bone growth plates close.

Epilepsy is widespread among Jack Russell terriers and golden retrievers, so their cross is also prone to the disease, albeit at a lower rate.

Cancer is the most common cause of death in goldens, and although it isn’t as common in crossbreed dogs, owners should be aware of the symptoms and seek timely veterinary help.

Lastly, all dogs with drop ears are prone to ear infections because of their ear canal anatomy. The problem is prevalent in dogs that love swimming. Owners must establish an ear cleaning routine to minimize the risk.


Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix grooming depends on the coat length.

Both parent breeds are notorious shedders with extra heavy shedding periods in spring and fall, but the Jack Russell terrier’s shedding isn’t as noticeable because of the coat length.

Golden Jacks with short fur need weekly brushing with a slicker brush, but a de-shedding tool may be handy during seasonal shedding periods. Long-haired Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix needs daily brushing.

Without daily brushing, the fur of a long-haired Golden Jack Russel may form mats, which lead to skin conditions if not removed timely. Brushing also helps spot parasites hiding in the undercoat.

How often to bathe a Jack Russell terrier golden retriever cross depends on a dog’s lifestyle, but most dogs will suffice with monthly bathing. Too frequent bathing can damage a dog’s skin.

Golden Jack Russel doesn’t need haircuts, even in summer, and should never be shaved. Long-haired Golden Jacks will benefit from minimal trimming, which can be done at home.

Additionally, Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix owners should establish an ear cleaning routine to remove water and debris stuck in the ear canal and prevent ear infection development.

Exercise Needs

Golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers were initially hunting dogs, although nowadays, they typically serve as family pets. These bundles of energy with immense stamina need at least 90 minutes of walking daily, and so does their cross.

Golden Jack Russel exercise needs vary by the dog’s age and exercise type. Fifteen minutes of swimming replace a long walk. Golden Jacks will also appreciate mentally stimulating activities like games, hunting, and hiking.

Puppies shouldn’t exercise for more than five minutes per month of age because too much physical activity can be harmful to their joints. Senior dogs should exercise as much as they can, depending on their health state.

Without sufficient exercise, a Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix may become mischievous and disobedient. Remember – a tired dog is a well-behaved dog.

Life Expectancy

Golden retriever Jack Russell terrier mix life expectancy is 12-15 years, which is above-average for medium-sized dogs. For comparison, golden retrievers only live for 10-12 years on average.

A longer lifespan of Golden Jack Russel results from improved health and decreased risk of cancer. However, a dog’s lifespan also depends on its lifestyle, so ensure that your dog is eating healthy and getting enough exercise.

Behavior Problems

Although golden retrievers and Jack Russell terriers are very different breeds, they share many behavior problems that may also affect Golden Jacks.

Both parent breeds tend to pull on the leash and jump on people because of their exuberant, curious, confident nature. Owners can fight these habits with timely training and sufficient exercise.

Some Jack Russell terrier golden retriever mix many suffer from separation anxiety, a problem widespread among purebred goldens.

Dogs with separation anxiety may engage in destructive behavior, excessively bark, attempt to escape, and have potty accidents.

Golden Jacks may also behave destructively out of boredom, so sufficient mental stimulation is crucial for these intelligent dogs. Under-socialized Jack Russell terrier golden retriever cross may have phobias or social anxiety.

Fortunately, these dogs rarely are aggressive, but some Golden Jacks may not tolerate other pets in the house, particularly those not socialized from puppyhood. Excessive barking is another potential Golden Jack Russel behavior problem.


The golden retriever Jack Russell terrier mix is relatively rare, although it combines some of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S.

The reason for such rarity is the inability of goldens and Jack Russell terriers to reproduce naturally.

At the same time, the hybrid is among the most popular designer crossbreeds because of its cute appearance and great temperament, so puppies tend to be pricey. Finding a worthy puppy in your area may be challenging.


The Jack Russell terrier golden retriever cross price starts at $800 and can exceed $2,500. The Golden Jack cost is based on many factors, including a particular puppy’s appearance, temperament, health, lineage, and breeder’s reputation.

Puppies with champion bloodlines cost more because they are likely to inherit the traits that made their ancestors excel at dog shows.